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Purchase Premium

Forever Premium - 1 Guild

$5.00 (One Time)

or $1.00/mo*
(up to 5 months, then you get it forever.)

Tritan Bot premium unlocks all limited premium commands so you won't have to vote for access anymore! Currently, premium per server cost a one time $5.00 donation, server boost, or monthly if you choose to!
We, the developers of Tritan Bot hate bots that have the majority of their commands locked to premium, therefore we have only chosen 1-4 commands per category to lock to premium guilds.

Premium Perks:

- @Donators, @Patrons, @Super Patrons, and @Super Duper Patrons will be awarded based on your status, which unlock specific levels or support and personal communications with developers in dedicated channels such as #secret-lounge, #priority-support, #patrons-chat, and more.

- Commands limited to @Beta Testing will be released to premium users first if they opt in.

- Copypasta, horoscope, tictactoe, changemymind, clyde, tweet, inf-deleteall, inf-staff, snipe, bump (music), skipto, bumpconfig, approve, deny, embed.

- The premium embed builder through the dashboard.

- Priority Support

I really hope some of you think about supporting us, producing bots can be fun but it takes a huge amount of time and resources to do so at scale.

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