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Need a quick and painless setup?

Multi-profile management from one dashboard.

Our dashboard allows you to not only manage your server, but it also provides you with web functionalities that are not common in Discord bot dashboards. These features include an API, Searchable Infractions, Guild Stats, Guild Info, Moderation, and more!

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Amazing Support

Have a question or need help? Our developers and support team work around the clock to answer all of your questions and issues. Whatever your question or concern is, we got you covered. Our support team is avaliable around to clock to suit your needs.

Custom Solutions

Do you require a custom built bot, website, or hosting? We got you! We offer custom built services from our team of Full Stack developers. Simply join our support server, tell us your requirements and price range, and we'll go over a gameplan with you.

Dynamic Growth

Tritan Bot makes it easy to grow your server by providing a very large "toolbelt" of various utilities. Tritan Bot's commands range include anything from Discord utilities, music playing, image manipulation, fun, gifs, server management, logging, and more!


Advanced analytics,
easy to understand.

Tritan Bot includes many easy to use utilities, including server analytics. No longer do you have to tirelessly check all of your server analytics manually! Our analytics section includes member counts, bot counts, server info, message counts, and much much more.

  • It's as easy as logging into our website!
  • Able to be customized!

Music Control

Music Bots are a dime a dozen, that's why we decided to add multiple typically premium features for free! We stride ourselves on making preium quality products, and as we throught about ideas we could incorporate into the bot- we settled on something minimal but nessessary. We decided to add complete control over music playing, without commands. This was hard to accomplish at first, but as we prefected it, we decided to leave the commands also so people could choose if they want to use reactions or commands.

  • It's as simple as the click of a button.
  • Reactions are limited to the person who queued the song.

Easy Embed Generator

Do you like Discord embeds as much as we do? We've made creating embeds as easy as possible! Just run the embed command, and fill in the questions that the bot asks!

  • Custom Options
  • User Input

Infractions & Logging

As any other general purpose bot would have, we have built an entire infractions system. Tritan Bot's infraction system includes kicking, warning, muting, locking channels, adding notes, and other features. Tritan Bot also logs server events, so you will still have logging abilities if actions are made through other bots or Discord itself.

  • Custom Channels
  • 15+ Types of Logging

AFK System

With our AFK system, you won't be spam pinged anymore when you're busy! Any time someone mentions you in any server, Tritan Bot will reply telling them that you're afk for whatever reason was set.

  • Global System, responds in multiple Servers
  • Auto unafk upon your next message.

Suggestion Handling

Suggestion handling has never been easier with Tritan Bot! Just make a channel titled Suggestions, and instruct your members to use the correct command.

  • Assigns suggestion ID's so your suggestions don't get lost.
  • Approval or Denial messages with reasoning.

Much More!

If I were to list every feature I thought was useful, this page would never end. We offer a very large array of commands to suite everyone's needs.

  • Music Commands
  • Fun Commands
  • Utility Commands
  • Moderation Commands
  • Image & Gif Commands
  • Bot Settings Commands
  • Informative Commands
  • Economy Commands


What our users think about us

Well what I can say is.. its not a bad not gonna lie, I'd give it a 9/10. just needs a little bit of some more improvements. It's a bot that definitely deserves to go out in the discord community :slight_smile:, and some commands were not responding at times (the logging commands to be specific) but besides that other commands worked smoothly

Early Supporter

Team tritan always has the nicest support, every time I have a question it gets answered and they even help me customize it to my server!

Jakey T
Early Supporter

I've just added this bot to our server, I am constantly using music bots and I'd just like to say that this bot is so worth a try! Amazing quality, everything you've been looking for in a bot. Great sound quality, user friendly and k love that all the options appear right beneath the song. Would definitely recommend this to anyone!

Early Supporter

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